How many people have liked my recent post? How many followers did I gain in the last month? Did everyone see my new story that I shared on my Instagram account? These are some of the common questions that haunt plenty of individuals out there. Everyone wants to be instantaneously liked and loved by many at the same time.

This led to the emergence of fake bot traffic on the popular photo-sharing social platform, Instagram. With this, users could buy impressions, likes, comments, and followers instantaneously by just a few clicks and by spending less than 1 dollars. As a responsible social media marketing agency in India, we conducted several audits on individual influencer profiles before inviting them for collaboration and often we would find that these Influencers to gain instant success would indulge in such illicit practices, fooling brand managers.

Instagram has finally got into action mode to stop this practice, they have launched a machine learning algorithm to identify accounts to purge inauthentic likes and ward them off their platform. Now on, with the application of this AI-powered tool, Instagram will remove all the likes and followers that violate the platform’s Community’s Guidelines or Terms Of Use.

There have been various reports that have highlighted this concern, like Twitter’s crackdown on Bots, Instagram has begun to weed out the fraudulent activity. Instagram in the past had implemented measures to combat fake accounts, and this is the first time it has taken the fight to attack fake likes and comments.

How would this work?

The machine learning powered tool would scan millions of accounts and posts on the platform for unusual activity, this would be based on their history. Any unusual behavior would be corrected, and the account holders would be notified. Here is the official statement from Instagram on this new development:

“Accounts we identify using these services will receive an in-app message alerting them that we have removed the inauthentic likes, follows and comments given by their account to others. We will also ask them to secure their account by changing their password,”

Instagram Influencers is a big business today.

Recently a New York Times article had reported how Brands are now targeting Nano-influencers (accounts with around 1000 followers) to help them promote their products. It is time individuals and brands act with integrity. The onus also lies with the digital marketing agency or social media marketing agency that can spot such accounts or malpractices instantly and help businesses in making informed decisions.

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