Influencer Marketing is a boon in times where all brands are promoting at the same time – thought ads will never be out of fashion but it won’t ring a bell as much as an organic brand placement does.

Smart brands and marketers are working with Instagram Influencers to encourage their audience to make a purchase.

Influencers provide characteristics and skills that Ads don’t provide such as Targeted audience reach, Credibility and trust.

To be an Influencer, an account does not necessarily have to have large following, and doesn’t need to be widely popular. They just have to be able to change the behavior of their followers irrespective of low fan base.

In your childhood your friend buying a skateboard influenced you to buy one, is an example of Influencer marketing.


Who are Nano Influencers?

According to New York Times, Traditional influencers have over million followers, micro influencers have around lakhs to lower of thousands, Nano influencers may have as few as 1,000 followers and usually no more than 10,000.

Brands are now catching up with quality over quantity having more focus on small fan base of highly engaged users is better than large fan-base of disengaged users.


Why brands use Nano Influencers?

  • Most brands work with Nano influencers as the stakes are low, they hardly have to burn much budget even if the post flops.
  • Small brands have limited budget and nano influencers let them test waters.
  • Since Nano Influencers aren’t doing #ads as a full time job, so when they share something it is considered as value addition.
  • There is also very less chance that a nano influencer might have worked with your competitor, which cannot be guaranteed by full time incfluencers who would post Samsung mobile event update from their Iphone.

According to Forbes, “Nano-influencers are generally ‘super fans’ who are passionate about certain brands or topics, and in some instances even initiate a conversation with brands they’d like to promote.”

On the other hand, they may love getting gifts so much that they post an assortment of products, then mix those in with personal photos or selfies, creating a disjointed Instagram feed.


Nano Influencer Pros


Nano influencers are more approachable, since they haven’t reached celebrity status yet with masses. Often these influencers are super fans who reach out to brands to ask for marketing opportunities.

Easy relationships:

Nano influencers are easy to work with as they usually do whatever the brand wants them to for a minor payment or freebie. And in case of payment, it is after delivery of posts. There have been countless instances where large influencers have been paid upfront and have not delivered what they promised.

Low cost:

Most nano influencers work against freebie or small fees, but for large influencer with 1 million follower the charges might go upwards of 40-50k.


Audience trust nano influencers, because they feel their advice is genuine – Feed of nano influencer aren’t jammed with ads post like larger influencers.


Nano influencers are instagram lovers, who do what they do for their feed in their free time. The spirit with which they create content is seen in content created by them which is often better quality compared to larger influencers.


Nano Influencer Cons

Low expertise level:

High price tag of major influencer charge is based on their expertise of subject matter, which often might become a cause of concern in case of nano influencers.

Low reach:

There can never be an account with 100% engagement level, average engagement rate of Instagram is 2-3% so with 1000 followers of nano influencer the engagement rate is not the most attractive number a brand can look at.


It is hard to measure the performance of post because of low data volume. Part of this is because many nano influencers use regular accounts instead of business accounts, which don’t provide robust analytics.


Take away

Your brand working with nano influencer is an dive that you must take, because you never know what might just click for you. We are influenced each day by someones behavior, word-of-mouth can spread faster when someone tries new restaurant of beauty salon.

It doesn’t hurt to try Nano Influencers in your niche.