Having a website is the need of the hour and no brand can get away without this modern version of business card. A website even if you are into traditional business and not selling anything online is important as it summarizes everything that you do without you having to explain much of it.

Getting a website done with proper planning and without considering important marketing factors would be as good as not having a website.

If you are a business that has a website and it doesn’t garner much traffic, there could be various reason for its failure.

Here are six common reasons why websites fail to do its job.

a. It doesn’t garner the required attention instantly.

The attention span in the world of scroll is very short and it only takes a few seconds for people to figure out whether they want to stay on this website or not. A visitor reaches a website usually by searching about it and hence it is important that your website is keyword optimized. Before a visitor has decided if that’s what they were looking for or not, you have to attract them and keep them there for a little while longer.


b. It lacks focus

When a visitor reaches your landing page, the first question that comes to his mind is, “Am I at the right place?”

That is the difference between reaching your website and staying on the website.


The website content needs to be specific, clear and intuitive, it should answer the query that the visitor is looking for containing all the vital information neatly organized in an appropriate manner.

Visitor should be clear about a few things:

  1. What the website is about?
  2. What are they supposed to do?

All of these goals should have their place on your website. But their positioning is vital, as well as which one you intend to show first.


c. No customer first content on website.

Yes, you are selling your product or service but you are not supposed to be the center of communication on your website. It has to be your customers. The communication, images, details has to showcase about customer experience or what he could experience.


d. It misrepresents your brand.

Your website is a mirror of what you are and what culture you have. We are certain that you do not want to look in the mirror where you are wearing shabby clothes. Dress code your website, the way you want to be presented. Have high resolution images, get modern content with keyword optimized, provide CTA for each page.

Have a video auto play or put music is out of date technique and people dislike it. The reason: You can’t presume people will like your choice of music or the fact that they are looking forward to listening to music when landing on your page.


e. It doesn’t appear to be trustworthy

People trust reviews and recommendations and regard it has high value addition in their decision making. Even though from total strangers it is regarded as reliable information source. Why? Because strangers don’t have any reason to lie.

So if you are not having testimonials with you right now? work to get it at top priority. Ask your clients for testimonials, customers for review, etc. Google and Facebook review also works wonders for brands.

Just let it be genuine because faking it is not only unethical but also quite easy to spot.


f. Complex CTA process

If it is an E-commerce store and the checkout process is complicated you will loose 50% of your business. Shopping cart abandonment is the biggest loss that a brand gets. Its reason could be; shipping cost and taxes added later to pricing, difficult to understand check out flow, not having all payment options, too much information demanded in form, etc.


When we consider websites, it is important to understand that People buy because they want to buy, if the website functions to support the decision making of customer. You might just hit his wallet.

So, lets make your website appeal to visitors’ need. If you need to discuss about your website performance you can call us at +91 99201 49991 or email us at hello@chimpzlab.com