Launched in the year 2009 Quora is one of the fastest growing Q & A platform with over 200 million monthly unique visitors as on 20/8/18. It is a real hot topic amongst SEO enthusiasts.

Quora has approximately 15% of its traffic of active users from India and is valued at $ 1.8 billion. With these utterly flashy stats, can we use this pot of gold for our own marketing purposes, or is the pot too good to be true?

Science behind Quora

Quora was founded by former Facebook employees, it does not approve of any direct link building activity on its website. Links in the answers are marked as nofollow, that means it will not allow any website direction or any direct SEO benefits.

So why does it still becomes a part of a trending SEO strategy?

The answer is simple! Indirect SEO benefits

Indirect SEO benefits are obtained anytime when someone is talking about a topic related to your brand, services, website, or anything that you are into. It thus creates Brand recognition, amongst Quoraians who too is a part of your target market.

Indirect SEO benefits may be obtained anytime someone is talking about your site, your products or services. Brand recognition thus gets increased, which is almost always a good thing. Some SEOs theorize that no follow links may help your overall link profile by providing a broader link base. When asking questions on Quora, most of the answers will come from Quora itself, so this is quite helpful in SEO and link building.
It is a good way for creating your brand’s identity and assist Quorians with the questions that they might have regarding your scope of operations, business, products, services, etc.

It can easily help generate leads by answering questions on Quora

We explored the possibility of Quora activity for one of our client and as a result got a massive growth and exposure on the community building exercise on Quora and traffic on the website too.

Truth be told, Quora is a very sophisticated platform: one that people go to in need of answers or solutions to their problems, with the community built in such a way that there is always someone listening, ready to help.

With topics attracting millions of followers, your profile may become a bee hive if used properly.

”I have a view that if you build something that’s good, and you keep making it better, it lasts.” Adam D’Angelo, Quora CEO

Effective Tips

Here are some of the tested tips from us Chimpzlab on how to effectively SEO at Quora:

  1. Respond to popular posts/questions in Quora or a newly opened ones, give a detailed answer and put a link either at the end of your blog/website and make sure the answer has call to action
  2. Follow and follow others back.
  3. Be Consistent: Be active on quora either on daily or alternate days
  4. Position yourself as an expert/community manager
  5. When assisting answer in step-by-step explanation, answer with an intent to help

The investment is worth if you manage to do it the right way. For advice, you can get in touch with us here.