Influencer marketing is gaining its importance in today’s world. The main reason for that is that it helps companies reach more people and increase brand awareness. Influencer marketing allows companies, big or small, to reach the relevant audience.

Influencer marketing if used optimally can bring wonderful results to businesses, mentioned below are a few do’s and don’ts of Influencer marketing to ensure your campaign delivers maximum results to ROI

The Do’s of Influencer Marketing

1. Create your influencer list carefully

Creating this list is of topmost importance, one needs to pick the influencers in the brand’s niche. Having an influencer who has no knowledge in your field, they would not sound authentic with your content and offer and hence will not add value to the audience.

For example, Reebok teamed up with Vaishnavi Boora, who is an India–based Fitness Coach, and social media influencer. The following screenshot is one of her Instagram posts in which she promoted Reebok.

girl working out

Vaishnavi has over 100k followers on her Instagram. She is a good choice for Reebok because she’s into health and fitness, which matches with the brand’s niche.

2. Spread the message

Influencers do push the content, but if brands repost their content help reach the goal faster. Many brands have reservations of reposting the content from influencer’s page since it gets difficult for them to measure the reach per influencer. However, the ultimate goal of influencer activity is not measuring their reach but increasing the reach of content.

Below is a screenshot of a post from Reebook India official Instagram page. The brand reposted an image by Vaishnavi working out in Reebok shoes.

girl working out

3. Appreciate influencers

For their nature of being influencers, brands need to be very careful of their approach to influencers; brands must appreciate influencer by offering incentives, gifts, discount coupons, experiences, etc. Doing so will help brands gain more trust from influencers and would share content more actively

4. Create content with influencers

Simply asking for repost or sharing content created by you, is not going to help the brand reach its distance. Brands should also create content with the influencers in a way that it doesn’t reduce the genuineness of intentions and more effectively reaches the target audience.

The following Video grab from Youtube shows Namrata Soni giving tutorial of Nykaa products.

hair makeup tutorial

5. Offer compensation

Gifts and coupons are merely token of appreciation, but it doesn’t pay bills. Ensure competitive compensation which is agreed upon beforehand this ensures influencers feel valued

6. Check credentials and amount sponsored content of influencers page

Has influencer worked with other brands? What are its accomplishments? Was there any success story of past activity? Also, too much-sponsored content on a page is likely to lose the trust of followers sooner or later.  Hence it is important to keep a check that before the influencer makes it to your list to determine their level of genuineness.


The Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

1. Patience is the key

When starting with influencer activity one must have patience and plan everything in advance. Unnecessary chances at the last moment affect the image of influencer and are not appreciated, also not all campaign would yield the same results. An influencer activity for brand x would be different from your brand. It could be various reasons like the age of brand, the interest of the audience, etc. Judging the performance in a single activity would be unfair and will never achieve the desired goal

2. Create a story

Brands often to increase the push of the message or offer, limit the creativity and thus it ends of destroying the potential of the content message. The audience is not always willing to contact only basis the offer or discount.

3. It’s not always about numbers

Look for influencers who cater to your niche instead of influencers will large numbers. Relevance to your brands will ensure a high rate of engagement. Their followers are more likely to make purchase decisions basis the influencers review or post about product/service.

4. Don’t forget to set guidelines

Clearing the terms of engagement before the start of campaign sets clear expectations from influencers and makes it easier to communicate about it.


Reaching to the audience through influencers is a major wave in online marketing community at this moment, guide shared above will help you plan and run campaigns more efficiently. If you need Chimpz team to help you plan and execute your contest, do get in touch with us here