Digital India is shining, telecom revolution led by Jio has brought thousands of users online. E-commerce revolution in India led by Flipkart has made online shopping the new norm. A social revolution led by Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp have changed the way we interact and communicate with each other.

Indians are fast moving to smaller devices to consume content, shop, communicate, learn, seek information. Indians are using their mobile phones for just about everything. This has attracted the attention of businesses, as Facebook and other social media sites offer an indistinctive opportunity to engage with their audience with greater levels of transparency and cost-effective approach.

Facebook is the leading social media website in the world, with more than 2.27 billion monthly active users on its platform. Facebook has helped businesses to drive engagements, generate interest, identify the audience, generate online traffic and even generate sales. Large businesses, with huge marketing budgets, have realized the power of social media marketing and developed niche teams, hired social media marketing agencies like ChimpzLab to develop the right strategy that would help in promoting the services and products, provide insights and manage a brand’s online presence to get the maximum audience possible on the social channels.

While large and mid-sized businesses have huge pockets to hire agencies or develop expertise in-house by hiring a full stacked team of brand manager, social media executives, digital executives, content strategist and more. Small businesses, on the other hand, struggle to achieve anything similar largely due to their limited budgets. But Facebook is very effective and can be used by businesses of all sizes alike.

Here in this article, we help the small business owners how to harness the power of Facebook to make it work to their advantage with limited resources.

1. Get the content:

We agree that getting the content right as a part of your overall strategy can be quite difficult. For most, it is an experiment of trial and error. However, for those unaware who find it difficult where to start, you can start with re-visiting your product documents. On Social media, if you can find innovative and engaging ways to promote your product to your new audience on Social Media.

2. Be Patient:

The transparency on the social media has pushed you for the numbers, the number of likes, the number of shares and number of views and impressions. They all are good to have but you can get there with patience. Don’t let a few numbers distract you, there are many illicit ways to get high numbers instantly but as they say, good work lasts forever. So work towards building it bigger brick by brick.

3. Build a community:

Facebook is not just about identifying the audience and targeting them with ad spends. The rather sustainable way to do so is by building a community around your product/service. Remember in the above 1st point we asked you to get the content right, the crucial aspect to get it right is by keeping the communication that is favorable for your audience. In the initial days, the brand can harp onto the network of influencers to get the word out there.

4. Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads are the best thing to happen to the network. Facebook has over the years limited the reach a brand page can get organically. Today, if you have 2 million page followers, average reach is in mere thousands. However, Facebook is still a great economical way to reach out to your audience,

5. Curate content:

If you are unable to find content, you can curate relevant content and share it with your audiences. Remember, curating doesn’t allow you to take the ownership of the content. We aren’t promoting plagiarism here, so make sure you always give the due credits to the original content creator.

If you are a small business, we hope you’d find this article useful to kickstart your efforts on Facebook. You can also use it as a guideline, to either measure or enhance the ROI of your social media marketing efforts conducted either a team in-house or by any digital marketing agency or by freelancers.

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