A Blog is the most comprehensive way of sharing your information, knowledge with others on the internet. Businesses use blogs to regularly share updates with their consumers/customers about new products or product features, regulatory updates or industry updates. They also use it to discuss the potential threats and opportunities or new developments that take place within their ecosystem.

Once you are done writing a few informative and interesting blog posts, it is important to invest in marketing, for it to reach other users who would likely benefit from the information and appreciate your efforts. Here we enlist a few ways that would help you to market your blog posts to enhance its reach and drive traffic.

Share it on People’s Social Networks

There are many people on the internet interested in the subjects on which you’ve written your new blog post, people who’d like to know more about it. So why not tell them about your new blog post?

Remember to share it only where it makes sense and with someone who would appreciate it. Don’t go overboard with it and as it could well be considered as spamming. Don’t push people to report your blog post as spam which will work against your website.

Mention older posts in newer blogs

If you are a subject matter expertise, it is always great if you can keep track of all that has happened over the years and educate about them alongside recent development.  If you have a long-running blog, it is always great to have a quote from your previous blog on the same subject and also link it in the newer blog.

It allows your users to gain not just in-depth knowledge of why and what led to the new recent development, it also refreshes the blog for newer audiences. E.g., if you are someone who writes on corporate development in your country and you are writing on the appointment of a New CEO at a multinational company, it is ideal if you can make references to relevant old blog posts that you might have shared about the same company.

Backlink from other sites

Backlinks help in improving your off-site SEO rankings, and it is recommended to get quality backlinks from authority sites. The easier way to do so is to perform a search for relevant sites and leave links to your articles in the comments.

Always focus on the quality of backlinks, Google search, and its algorithm has been quite aggressive on purging fake sites that are active with the sole purpose of driving traffic to external sites. Additionally, don’t just leave a link to homepages, work towards making traffic to the internal pages of the blog post.

Include it in the latest newsletters

The first people to appreciate your new work would most likely be your existing users. Since the time you’ve started your blog post if you’ve maintained and developed a mailing list, you can email them your latest post and keep them up to date with your new content.

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