A few years back, it was easier for website owners and digital marketers to come up with SEO strategy.

Back when search engines were trying to stand their ground, SEO pundits were playing with the search engine algorithms to exploit and boost the search results.

Now, Google and other search engine modify their algorithm 500-600 times per year, although the modifications are minor, it still adds to the challenge of Digital marketer.

Mentioned below are few obsolete SEO techniques and what the brands should focus on instead.

Obsolete SEO technique #1: Article submission.

The thought behind the article submission was simple, create the article related to product and service and submit it to article submission directories. The article would have attached hyperlinks and key words pointing back to your website. This improved your website’s rank which makes it searchable. Since your website was recommended by other website, it was valued by Google and other search engines.

However, later when people started to exploit the opportunity by submitting scrapped articles for back links, it was filtered and graded by Search engines and if the articles’ grade isn’t around the mark those links become poisonous to your site.

Alternate SEO Technique

A better strategy now, you could use is guest blogging, similar to create articles, except in this case it is made to submit to websites that guest blogging. This surely is a quality way to create back link, and encourage users to your website.

Here is an ultimate listing for guest blogging.


Obsolete SEO technique #2: Spam directories submission.

Submitting website to directories is another technique which is now considered as spammy by search engines.

1000’s of SEO companies still offer to create 1000’s of backlinks to your website, this can affect your websites rankings and further push your page down.

Alternate SEO Technique

Instead of submitting your website to low value adding directories, look for quality directories in your Niche. E.g. If you are a restaurants, you should submit your website to Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, etc.

Below are a few directories using high DA at which you could have backlinks.


Obsolete SEO technique #3: Spam blog comments.

A black hat technique widely used by SEO specialists, it involved discovering blogs which allow comments and then mass  posting with software. So, instead of genuine comments, the text would be anchored text, linking back to the website.

Google and other search engines now categories this as spammy and hyperlinks pointing to your site are poisonous.

Alternate SEO Technique

Try genuine comments on blogs and websites of your niche. This action will lead you to create relationships with the owners and with members’ community. Assist members with opinions and your own perspective, answer their questions, or provide some advice they’re searching out for. Your focus should be to build long term relation, probably by assisting the blogger, you might just ask them for return favor of mentioning you on their website.


Obsolete SEO technique #4: Keyword based pages.

This technique involved created pages for all of the variations of a key word associated with brand. E.g. best accountancy services, cheap accountancy solutions, employ services. The reason was simple, these are keywords the users search for, more pages would mean more crawling by search engine and hence point out to be more relevant.

Since search engines were concerned with consumer intent instead of technical optimization, this technique did not work for long. Moreover, the structure of website and also the usability went low due to this practice. This was a problem with internet search engines.

Alternate SEO Technique

Intelligent keyword placing is very important, instead of many pages with different keywords, you should have one page which gives all importation that the user is seeking.

The question that is needed to be asked is, what is the intention behind the search term? Is the content relevant to the user.


Obsolete SEO technique #5: Over using keywords

Placing keywords is important and it is a fantastic search engine optimization practice, but one must avoid repeating and stuffing unnecessary keywords.

Alternate SEO Technique

Focus on writing good content which the reader is currently searching for rather just focusing on key words. The more you engage visitors on your website the better it’s to your own ranking. Do not forget to use keywords and phrases that are relevant to your blog. Google uses Latent Semantic Indexing, which suggests it understands synonyms.


These are a few of the old school methods that no longer work. Great content is the only way to truly have a successful website, do not focus on petty seo fixes that do not yearn results. Look for long term fruitful effect with proper content strategy. 

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