Starting conversations on Social Media is of utmost importance for the brand, the first step of engagement is always critical for brand. Here we highlight four ways in which brands can engage with its audience to develop conversations.

how to start conversation on social media?

Know someone who?

An easy to engage game, where you share a post (A product/service or a meme) and asking audience to tag someone who could relate to this or tag someone who can use this.

how to start conversation on social media?

Play I-Spy

A great way start a giveaway campaign, in this you can ask your audience to find an object in the image and share where it is.

Random winner or first one to answer can get free product / service or discount code.

how to start conversation on social media?


A challenge is something keeps the interaction going on social media, and this game is just that. In this you create a gif which could have fast moving images, you ask audience to stop the screen at a particular image, screen grab it and share the same in comments if done successfully.

Random winner could be picked for reward.

how to start conversation on social media?

The Guessing Game

Guess the tagline, guess what celebrity said in a certain commercial, guess the product in image are some of the great ways to reinforce your product/service in the minds of the audience.

We hope this helps you in creating engaging conversations for your brand on Social Media, if you need assistance in drawing social media strategy for your brand. Please get in touch with us at or Contact us