Website Design

Website Design

About the company:

ThePreschoolApp is a product of Jarulss Mobility Solutions Inc, with this app company aims to solve bridge the vital communication gap between preschool and parents. This app also serves as management software for the largely organized pre-schools in India.

The Brief

The client wished for a website layout and design that would clearly highlight their unique offerings at the same time would communicate and connect with their target audience sitting at both the ends of the spectrum, the parents and the preschool management.


Every element has its own story. How do you communicate the incredible depth that the app offers? Welcome to the key challenge we faced throughout the design process and the question that kept us up revising and subtly tweaking until well past our bedtimes. The result is a meticulously designed website which is clean and elegant and, better yet, it guarantees that the spotlight remains on the core features.

Whereas a common website project progresses from strategy to design, ThePreSchool app was an exhaustive collaboration between content strategists design and developers. At the end of this challenging project, both the client and the team were equally satisfied with the outcome.


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Website Design