Social Media and Community Management

Social Media and Community Management

About the company:

SuperCFO Services Ltd is a Mumbai based wealth management and consulting firm facilitating Virtual CFO services for SMEs and start-ups in India. Headed by Bhairav Kothari, it is the only Indian company to win the Freelance CFO firm of the year award 2015 by the Financial Weekly. The company was established in 2008 and is known to be the pioneer of Virtual, Outsourced and Full Time CFO solutions in India


The Finance industry is a very diverse industry offering everyday banking services to specialized financial consultants. We were required to generate specialized content for SuperCFO, a provider of qualified part-time CFOs, to boost their marketing and Public relations effort.


  • Build brand awareness in India and Singapore.
  • Market Virtual CFO services


Identify and approach the niche small business leader’s audience that is online and is looking for management or financial consulting.


Created and shared Blogs on the company’s website to position brand as a thought leader in its space.

Created informative yet easily digestible Social Media content targeting SME audience


One of the Blog articles “Why Indians can’t let go their love for cash” was published in

Created QnA with CFO social media series which was well received

Website traffic increased by ~10%



Social Media and Community Management