Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

About the company:

From a small store on Linking Road, the two sisters set up systems over the years, expanded the business and built Prrem’s into a digital retail space for travelers. Today, Prrem’s rebranded as Kosha is paving the way for technical travel wear across the country. Kosha a company that brings our unique styles together into a traveler’s dream. Every individual travel stories make Kosha, not just a travel wear and gear destination, but a community of explorers.


The Winter Wear industry is a very diverse industry offering products which are limited to specific winter travel destinations. We were required to generate specialized strategy content for Kosha,  to boost their online marketing sales along with encouraging the travel community to wear the right gears and have the right knowledge of types of winter clothes. The biggest hurdle was to tap the market who are online, looking for right winter clothes and who are travelers.


  • Build brand awareness in India through online digital platforms.
  • Market Kosha as a pocket-friendly travel winter wears brand.


Identify and approach the niche audience that is online and is looking for winter clothes and who loves to travel or explore places.


Created a strategy to spread the right knowledge of the winter clothes (what when and how to wear) along with encouraging the audience to travel right and reasonable.

Created informative yet easily digestible Social Media content targeting the audience.


4x increase in traffic on the website through the efforts











Facebook Marketing