SMM, Quora and Blog Management

SMM, Quora and Blog Management

About the company: is India’s top-rated adult toys store, based in the USA and catering to Indians worldwide. Its product range includes from intimate wear to bedroom games to sexual wellness and hygiene products. It is a leading store measured by daily traffic, online ranting, social media followers and media mentions.

The Brief

The client wished to be actively present on all digital channels and not just social media. The main focus was to extensively use the web to reach larger audiences and ultimately build the brand and drive sales.


Conventional social media channels restrict paid promotions for brands operating in the sexual wellness space. And with social platforms turning business models into ad platforms, making our content reach to the newer audience was very difficult.


We developed the content strategy and plan for each of the active platforms. The purpose of the communication was primarily to educate the people about different toys, sexual preferences, myths, etc. along with a touch of humor and subtle brand placement.


We focused on creating a community for IMbesharam, blog, to be a one-off platform that provides sexual advice, humor content, informative and educative blogs at the same time being SEO friendly.

  • Facebook: With Facebook, we focused on Video marketing, sharing different ideas to the public with videos and educating them.
  • Twitter: Twitter was used extensively to cross-connect with other brands and vendors operating in the space and was also leveraged to further accentuate the witty voice of the brand.
  • Instagram: High-quality visuals were used for the image focused platform to resonate brand’s philosophy and
  • Quora: Conceptualized an imaginative character that had a poetic expression in his language and speech to answer queries on the platform.


Though the brand is into adult products, the designs were focused on the effective placement of content and not showing nudity by any means. A powerful balance of gradient colors, high-quality images and iconography made the designs easy to understand and beautiful to look.


75% increase in e-commerce store visits from Social Media channels



SMM, Quora and Blog Management